Our History

The YTGURU team welcomes you to our website.

  • We are the team of financial market research analysts, engineers and human behavior experts of a financial market trader with deep financial expertise.
  • YTGURU was founded by a team of Professional Technical Researchers. The owners of the company have extensive experience in NSE, F&O, MCX, Forex, International Forex and CFDs markets as researcher & fund manager. We have gained our experience by working in managerial positions with the largest brokers, and financial research houses who are now our major competitors. Even though we are not a company of a big size, we are big enough to always meet our customers’ demand on time, and small enough to provide unique products and services in the industry.
  • Transparency
  • Research
  • Accuracy
  • Our team consists of highly qualified analysts who are skilled and impeccable in their analysis. These analysts, using their experience and latest software tools, are able to predict the movements in share market on time and with high accuracy. As a result, using our tips, our clients gain the most out of the time in the market. As traders we know by experience exactly what our clients need. Providing services and trading at the financial markets is all we do. Our knowledge and experience has provided us with the opportunity to create for you the fairest, most flexible and most stable environment for trading.
  • At YTGURU, our client base recognizes the value of a trusted financial partner at their side. Our reputation is built on loyalty, providing tailor made solutions; saving time, money and taking the stress out of securing your financial future.
  • No one likes to lose money. Moreover, the pain threshold of some is greater than it is with others. If you’re considering an investment in the stock market and the thought of a loss upsets you, you probably shouldn’t invest. However, when you invest there are several things you should know to increase your chances of winning.
  • Our goal is to provide our clients solid, easy-to-understand financial market advice to arm them with the knowledge needed to make sound decisions. A lack of knowledge and procrastination can wipe out years of savings, not to mention a few hopes and dreams. However, proper planning and investment strategies will ensure a brighter retirement and keep your money where it belongs – with you and your family.

Mission and Vision

The YTGURU Group’s mission is to deliver institutional-level Advisory services to all its customers, both institutional and individual retail investors, by providing innovative proprietary technology, low-cost trading, regulation, safety of customers funds, comprehensive market research tools, advanced educational programmers and world-class customer service.

Analyzing the trading system

We analyze market with our advanced statistical analysis and understand the trading habits, inside out.Forget about spreadsheets, or any manual calculations we’re used to. Let us do math – not only our performance will be analyzed automatically without the intervention, but we’ll have more time to trade.

Organize and track

Organize and track all of your trading systems in one place.We know building several systems at once can be a complicated task. Track all of them in your private portfolio, and know exactly what’s going on with each system at any time.